An important element of the 40 Days of Love is to prepare our own hearts and lives to be ready to reach our sphere’s of influence for Jesus Christ.  The Christ-Like Lifestyle Training offered by Disciple Nations International provides free online courses and live in person training to areas that are planning to participate in the 40 Days of Love.  The purpose of this training is to equip leaders in a lifestyle of deep intimacy with God that results in effective prayer, evangelism and discipleship.

Background: Disciple Nations International has been conducting these trainings in various locations around the world during the last several years.  In partnership with the 40 Days of Love, in 2016, approx. 100 pastors/ministry leaders went through the Christ-Like Lifestyle training in the state of Florida.  A condensed version of the training can be done in a 2-3 day setting.  Single day vision conferences are also available.  In 2017 the CLT is being offered in various locations in the U.S./overseas in order to prepare for this years 40 Days of Love.

Overview of the Training

What difference would it make in our local congregation, non-profit or business if everyone was:

  • Growing in a greater awareness of God’s love for us and for those around us.
  • Speaking a common language and sharing a common vision.
  • Dealing with areas of past woundedness that hinder our ability to love and relate with others.
  • Dealing with areas of personal sin (anger, lust, jealousy, appetite, sloth, greed, pride, unbelief) in a way that is constructive and transformative.
  • Learning to work together as a team, preferring others above ourselves, and leading by serving.
  • Walking out a lifestyle of deep intimacy with God that results in effective prayer, evangelism and discipleship.

Would this make a difference?  If so, what would you be willing to invest in order to see this take place?  Would you be willing to invest time in order to see something begin to shift in your life and in the lives of your loved ones?  If so, then this training is for you.

Components of the Christ-like Lifestyle Training have been endorsed by international leaders, translated into many languages, and are being used by pastors and ministry leaders in various nations to train hundreds of local congregations. 


“This teaching on the Spirit-Empowered Life will help you discover and cultivate a lifestyle that is totally surrendered to Christ, and walks daily in the power of the Holy Spirit.” Dr. Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home for Christ, Colorado Springs, USA – Referencing one of CLT’s core resources.

I believe this is something that God is going to use to stir so many to seek to live out this lifestyle.  It will encourage you to keep trusting God to live out the abandoned life. Milton Monell, Director of Global Prayer, Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ Referencing one of CLT’s core resources. 

We need this kind of training!  In my personal opinion we should have started this 100 years ago!  If it had started even 20 years ago we could have put our country in a better position.  We lost our children, we lost our families because no one was there to guide them. It is vital to continue and as much as possible we need to expand the Kingdom of God and especially this training to every part of the (globe).” Johnson Matthew, Pastor, The Fellowship, USA

“God greatly blessed the ministry since we started implemented this lifestyle.  I have been personally revived and my wife and my marriage have been impacted.  We have reached more souls from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds in our congregation since starting this lifestyle.  We grew from a handful of families to around 200 members in just 9 months.  We only preach to those who come from non-Christian background in order to reach the lost.” Pastor, India

 “I believe 100% that this lifestyle and message is what the Church in Albania needs.  This is the only thing that can bring the healing and unity in the Church that is necessary for us to see the move of God’s Spirit that He so desires to do here.”  National Director of the Church of the Nazarene, Albania

The feedback we are getting is that the people highly recommend this training to others. They felt that this seminar should be mandatory for Korean churches.  We are deeply thankful for God’s guidance and for His work in the lives of the participants! Simon Son, Korea Campus Crusade for Christ

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– The Power of One Vessel Prepared by the Master

– Testimonies of Personal & Corporate Transformation

– Becoming Part of God’s Solution: Dealing with Our Unfinished Business

– Understanding and Overcoming Woundedness

– Foundation of a Spirit Empowered Life

– Spiritual Keys to Living in Christ-Likeness

– Healthy Team Dynamics


– Vision

– The Gospel Changes Everything

– (Review & Go Deeper) Heart of a Spirit Empowered Life

– (Review & Go Deeper) Spiritual Keys to Living in Christ-Likeness

– Spirit Empowered Marriage & Family

– Establishing Christ’s Kingdom in our Sphere of Influence

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Contact us in order to receive more information on the Christ-Like Lifestyle TrainingWe have media resources available to assist you in living out a Christ-Like Lifestyle as well as tools to help you share this lifestyle with others.  In certain situations it may be possible for us to arrange to send a team to you in order to conduct a live training.