Neighborhood Prayer & Jesus Film Distribution

One of the projects within the 40 Days of Love is an opportunity to take advantage of two unique resources that are designed to reach those living in our neighborhoods with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


1. The first resource is a website called: Pray4EveryHome:


Anyone can sign-up on the website and you will be sent a daily email with the names of 5 of your closest neighbors so that you can pray for them by name.  Once you have prayed for them you will be sent another email the next day with 5 new names.  Eventually Pray4EveryHome will send you a total of 100 of the neighbors closest to your home so that you can be praying for all of your surrounding neighbors by name.


2. The second resource is the Jesus Film.  The Jesus Film is simply the Gospel of Luke in visual format.  In partnership with Christ For All Peoples we have thousands of Jesus Film DVD’s available at a very minimal cost for distribution to foreigners living in the U.S.:

Combined these two resources make for a powerful outreach that can literally blanket entire neighborhoods with prayer and the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Facilitator: Nela Wainscott: For more information or to get involved in this project contact Nela at (Email:


Testimony of a Local Congregation that used this strategy to reach their community:


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One church in Central Florida, after signing up their members to “Pray 4 Every Home” and discovering where their members lived in relation to the harvest in their “Sweet Spot” through the “Mapping Center for Evangelism,” obtained Jesus Film DVDs from “Christ for All Peoples” and organized a “WIN OUR WORLD (W.O.W) Wednesday.”


On that night, many came together to assemble a church “Believe” brochure, bag of popcorn and a Jesus Film DVD.  To date, this church has distributed over 7,525 Jesus Film DVDs to their community.  People have been saved, attended the church and given Facebook posts, thanking the church for sharing the love of God with them.  (For more info. on this outreach from their church website click on this link)


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